Why you need a Multi-Factor Authentication to Keep Your Business Safe

Why you need a Multi-Factor Authentication to Keep Your Business Safe

Our customers have important information passing through their systems,
websites, and programs. Most people know they need a secure site with a SSL (Secured Sockets Layer). While that is a great start, you probably want to have more than that. Even though safety gets better, so do hackers. For instance, check out an older article we have about Hacked in 30 minutes, a study showed that if you start a business, you can be hacked within 30 minutes of opening your website.

A better solution is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You know what it is if you have Facebook, or a cloud-based CRM or email system. It’s when you are asked to enter not just your password, but also get a code from an email, text, or phone call that they send you. It’s basically a system that takes multiple pieces of information to unlock. This makes it ridiculously difficult to imitate or break by hackers.

But you might be wondering, what’s the real risk?

Here are some of the reason you need MFA now:

#1 It’s not just copying information, they can steal it from you.

That’s right. One of the top growing malware incidents is ransomware. Ransomware is designed to hold your data hostage until you meet demands. This makes up 24% of incidents according to Verizon.

#2 According to Juniper, data breaches cost businesses over $2 Trillion.

It’s not just the big-name businesses. Small businesses makeup 31% of the breaches and are less likely to recover.

#3 According to IBM,  the average time a breach impact can a company is 314 days.

Almost a year can be lost to headaches from a breach. Lost time and profit add up. Why go through this when you can solve the problem now?

#4 A business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds by 2021 according to the Herjavec Group.

Every eleven seconds. Seems like now might be a good time to get a more secure hold of your technology.

In case you need more, check out this report by Varonis.

There are many solutions for this. Grace Computers wants to help. Your IT team will thank you.

Contact us to talk about MFA and how you can better secure our business.

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