The Risks of Spam: It’s more than an annoyance

The Risks of Spam: It’s more than an annoyance

We already covered why anti-spam software is still necessary, even if you have a reputable email service like Outlook or Gmail. These email services do a decent job of trying to sort out spam, but they don’t specialize in it.

But what are the real risks?

You might think aside from having to sort through your inbox and delete all those emails, that spam isn’t a big problem… just junk mail. However, the difference between the junk mail you get in your mailbox and the junk mail in your email inbox is that your email offers access to your entire computer if you click the wrong link.

If spammers were just out to fill up your inbox, spam wouldn’t be a problem. The issue is that spammers are also trying to get the information off your machine and your network. Whether they just want sensitive information, or they want to take your information for ransom, spam is the ideal way for them to access everything on your computer. If you have business information, credit card information, client information or anything else you wouldn’t want to share with the world (as most of us do), you might consider leveling up your security.

Even if you are a spam recognizing pro, consider all the team members in your business who have access to your tools and server. Are you certain each one of them are experienced at recognizing spam or phishing attempts? It only takes one click to put your business at risk. Would you be willing to bet your business on the technical knowledge of your staff?

Here at Grace, we want you to feel confident that your information is safe. We’ve invested in new technology including anti-spam technology that will scan your email before it hits your inbox to ensure hackers don’t make their way to you. It’s all done in the cloud instantaneously and you get your email just as fast as before to whatever email service you choose – minus the risky emails.

Want to learn more about how we can help you stay safe online? Contact us and let’s talk about anti-spam and even the gaps you might have in your data security.

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