The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

The information around whether cloud storage is an effective solution or a security disaster waiting to happen. There are many opinions, but the truth is… it depends.

It depends on what type of information you are storing, where you are storing it and how you and your team works. In order to make it a bit clearer for you, we’re breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of using the cloud to store your documents.

Advantages of using cloud storage

  1. You can access your files from any internet connection. Laptop go down at a client site? Not at your machine, but have a smart phone? You can literally log in from anywhere to gain access to your files.
  2. User-friendly in that many files can be dragged and dropped right to cloud storage and it’s all accessible from the internet.
  3. You don’t have to worry about sending large files through email. You can just offer a link which increases bandwidth greatly for companies that send huge files to each other often.
  4. Save on the budget. When files are stored in the cloud, businesses reduce the financial impact of IT resources to maintain internal servers and systems.
  5. Disaster recovery is probably the biggest reason companies are turning to cloud storage. It can be used as a back-up plan in case their systems crash or data is lost. If it is saved in the cloud, the data is still available even after a disaster.

Disadvantages of using cloud storage:

  1. It takes some setting up. If you want to access your data on several different devices, you often have to load software or apps.
  2. Is it safe? You can read our article here or check out this article on current privacy debates.
  3. Storage costs. Depending on the amount of data your company is storing each month, the costs can get a little cringe-worthy on some cloud storage applications. There are plenty that offer unlimited storage or price-effective plans, and it can add up.
  4. Internet is required. You may be able to work on documents locally, but you do not have access to the cloud stored document if you do not have internet access. You would also want to be weary of opening access to these stored documents on public wi-fi, so you need a secure internet access.
  5. Monitoring, training and managing users so they are prepared with the best practices of using cloud storage to ensure safety of your company’s information.

Cloud storage is a great idea for many of our clients as it keeps their data from getting lost. For other clients, the sensitivity of the data is more essential like medical records and cloud storage may not be the right option. If you need help deciding on a solution that fits your needs and budget, let us know. You can contact us here or call by phone.

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