The Cloud will soon be your Only Effective Choice

The Cloud will soon be your Only Effective Choice

While for the last year we’ve been explaining why it’s important to move to the cloud, that conversation is just about over. That’s because soon, you won’t really have a choice. According to Bloomberg, the top 4 out of 5 technology companies that invest the most in research and development are all focused almost solely on the cloud as a platform (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple). This means, soon you won’t have a choice of if you want to go to the cloud, but more of when.

The truth is that companies have found that updates to their software or to servers are more quickly and effectively done in cloud-based tools and servers. The changes can be made without impacting productivity or needing to be in the same location. The cloud is easier, more effective and today — even safer.

There’s no stopping it.

Whether you hold on to your private server or not, part if not most of your business will at some point be in the cloud. The tools of tomorrow are there. They will make your business move smoother, but change is needed.

How to move forward:

Contact an expert from

An expert can make your move smoother, safer and more cost-effective. Read our article here to learn more.


Read our article on how to prepare. This previous article we published covers the important bits to remember when moving to the cloud — so you know exactly the direction to go in.

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