Tech Experts Weigh in on 2021 Cyber Security Risks

Tech Experts Weigh in on 2021 Cyber Security Risks

Each year hackers find new and ingenious ways to get at our information. Data breaches and hacks are well over a $50 billion dollar business so there’s no end in sight. We wanted to share with you the biggest risks companies like Forbes, Government Technology and WatchGuard have to say about the predictions for 2021.

One of the biggest factors that is shifting the focus of hackers is the pandemic. With so many companies working from home now, there has been a mass accelerated digitization. The rapidity means there are often holes or gaps in the security measures and easy-access for those who shouldn’t have access.

Here are some of the other things to look out for in 2021:

Hackers Utilize Automation

Phishing attacks are often emails that look just like an email you might receive from a company you actually do business with. For example, millions of emails have gone out that look like Amazon or UPS and then ask people to click or call or offer some information.

Make sure you know how to identify a phishing email. See our latest article here.

Easy Targets: Home Users

In the past businesses were the most profitable hacks. Today with many of our employees working from home, home users have become a major focus. Not only can hackers use their poor cybersecurity habits to get into personal data, they can use them to access business information and systems as well.

Make sure your employees know how to safely work from home in our article here.

Smart Car Charger Hacks

Another new focus is smart cars. As of now, hackers are learning to tap into that charger and can start or stop your from turning on or charging. They can do this for ransom so that they are paid for giving access to your car back. Of course they are also looking into how they can access even more through your phone or device that you connect to it as well.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and VPN

RDP has become more often used as businesses try to offer their tools and servers to employees at home. A VPN may offer some security, if it is broken, a hacker has access to all of your information.

Want to kow if your VPN and RDP are secure? Contact us.

Old Software is a Target

If you are running legacy software like Windows 7, or you or your employees do not update their Windows software, you are making your company a target. This can be a challenge for companies who are using legacy software to connect to legacy systems that require it and this is the time to address it.  Staying current with updates means staying current with the security measures that are built in to them to prevent the newest and greatest breaches. Make it a company-wide commitment to keep all technology updated when you can.

No MFA, No Safety.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of the best tools that a business can offer their clients in an online account situation. MFAs have significantly reduced the successful attacks on organizations and their data. If your client-facing apps and accounts don’t include MFA, it’s time to reconsider.

Learn more about MFAs here.

5G and Extended platforms

As our internet goes faster, we connect more to it – from operating all the appliances in our home to tracking our health, the internet is constantly being used and accessed. As our devices expand, we give them access to more and more data which both gives hackers more to look at and also increased the vulnerability of those networks. 5G is too tempting for hackers to ignore.

These are the biggest threats according to the experts: Forbes, Government Technology and WatchGuard.

Have questions or want to see if your tech is secure? Contact us! We’re here to help you keep your technology safe and your data secure.

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