Is a Hybrid Cloud the solution for you?

Is a Hybrid Cloud the solution for you?

As cloud solutions have become more and more popular, moving to the cloud for business is becoming inevitable for just about everyone. Many of the best business tools are now cloud-based and even maintained by a third party. However, moving completely to the cloud is not a viable option for every business. We’ve discussed this previously, but to summarize the reasons a 100% cloud environment may not work:

Internet access is required to use the tools in the cloud.
While this isn’t a huge challenge since there is internet just about everywhere, depending on your location and how people access your data, this can be a challenge for some unusual business situations.

Legal security-requirements
If you have specific guidelines you must follow, like HIPAA regulations on information, you have to ensure any tools you use have HIPAA-level security and encryption. Not all tools or clouds qualify.

Required tools or processes that are not cloud-based.
Sometimes there are software or tools that you want or need to use that aren’t cloud-based and you don’t want to change what works to force change in another area. This makes complete sense too.

If any of these are a challenge to moving to the cloud, we introduce you to the hybrid cloud.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is what many companies are using in order to best use all the tools they have. Sometimes those tools are publicly cloud-based, private clouds and even on-premises servers. The hybrid allows you to connect all your environments (or those you choose) together so you can experience the best of both world if that is what you need to create the best atmosphere that will support employees, clients and leadership reporting.

There are many different configurations of a hybrid cloud as it is as custom as you need it to be. While it’s not as simple or out-of-the-box of a solution like a full cloud environment, it is crafted with your processes, data and security in mind to ensure your information is exactly where you need it to be.

How can it help my business?

A hybrid solution can help your business step into the cloud with specific goals and timelines in mind. Being able to adopt a few cloud based tools with as little disruption to your business as possible is a great way to improve your tools and processes without having a huge impact on productivity.

The first step would be to get an assessment with Revolution Technology Group. We’ll go through the tools you use and your requirements. Then you also want to consider the tools you’d love to be using or think you might need in the future as your business grows. After we have the full list, we can make some recommendations on the best solution for you.

Contact us to see what your customized solution may be.

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