Do I need Anti-Spam on my Email?

Do I need Anti-Spam on my Email?

Spam. We’ve all gotten used to it, so many people have just accepted that they can’t get away from it that they just delete it and move on with their day. Although this is a common solution, it doesn’t mean it is the safest solution.

Email is the #1 way hackers get into your computer. All they need you to do is make a click or two and they could access all of your data. Even if you’ve become a pro at spotting phishing emails, even the experts can be fooled once in a while and that is all that’s needed.

Isn’t there anti-spam on the email server I use?

There is likely some type of anti-spam on the mailbox that you use. If you have an email through your ISP provider, they do offer some anti-spam, but ISP providers don’t specialize in emails, so the protection is usually quite weak. While this does offer you spam protection against the most ridiculous looking spam, it doesn’t always catch the more developed, trickier emails hackers are putting out.

With the Yahoo hack a couple months back, you might also be weary of those large third party email providers as well. The bigger the provider, sometimes the bigger the target they are for hackers.

So what to do?

You can host your email with Grace Computers. We ensure the tightest anti-spam security that closes the gaps on spotting spam. Our technology uses Bayesian filtering which is one of the smartest spam detection systems available. It not only identifies spam, it also learns new algorithms and gets better as you mark what is spam in the future. Most ISP providers do not use this extra gate to protect against spam.

Watch this video about the dangers of spam.

Of course, for a little fun, if you do get some spammy looking emails, send them to this email address and they will waste that spammers time… check it out.

Can you spot a phishing email? Check here to see if you can.

Concerned about your email? Contact us to talk about email hosting services.

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