Biggest Business Problems Solved by Moving to the Cloud

Biggest Business Problems Solved by Moving to the Cloud

You might think with the news stories of hackers breaking into company data, to be a huge concern when moving your tools or data to the cloud. It is true that there are concerns, however, often there are just as many concerns with keeping your information and data locally as well – usually human error or hardware malfunction. The cloud is actually one of the safest places for your business to be.

Here are some other reasons the cloud works for so many businesses:

1. Employee/Employer Freedom

Being in the cloud means that you and your employees can be anywhere and still have access to all the business tools they need to get their work done. They could be loving working in the mountains or in the desert, and you will know they can still get to all the information they need.

Employers love it because it means they can hire from anywhere without paying relocation fees. Imagine your pool of possible employees growing exponentially if you don’t have to worry about location.

2. Scalability

Have plans on growing your company as fast as possible without having to plan every detail of the tools you might need in 5 years? Online tools often make expansion easy – as you grow, so do they. Since you don’t have to pre-calculate server space or the amount of connections, you can spend more time making that growth happen. The cloud is the number one way to ensure that your tools are going to grow when you do.

3. Cloud-based tools are live

Unlike your own server, where when you take out a document to edit, you either lock others from editing or you end up over-writing each other, cloud-based tools let you work together live. So all the changes are being seen by everyone and you limit the amount of ‘versions’ there are of a document out there. These tools also help people communicate faster and more accurately.

4. You’ll love analytics for your business.

The genius of just about all cloud tools is you can always take a look at what’s going on in your company. The data that is tracked in CRM systems, email systems, online office software and more all tell you information that would be much harder to find or setup without. You’ll be able to not only track the data, but your employees use of the systems. So you’ll know what’s working and what’ s not.

5. Data backups

Perhaps the most important to many of our clients, is that when they use the cloud, They no longer have to worry about the backups. No more loading and organizing and dating all those backup tapes. No more chances of human error in when it gets done or how it gets done. In fact, when you store in the cloud, your data is usually in 2-3 locations just in case of an emergency in another – so even mother nature won’t take away your data.

So if you think that cloud tools or systems have too many safety issues, we want you to think about the cloud like a plane and a your current hardware as a car… the plane is much safer overall even though more people are scared of flying than being in a car.

If you have fear about moving to the cloud, contact us. We’ll talk it through with you and see what fits your needs best.

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