Anti-Spam: Do I still need this?

Anti-Spam: Do I still need this?

Many people think that spam is just an annoying amount of garbage emails, as harmless as a flyer in your post office box. The truth is that spam is often a devious form of invasion into your data, your identity and financials. Among all those ads to improve your love life, could be a criminal waiting to pounce.

Do I need anti-spam if my email server says they do some filtering for me?

Email servers do their best to identify these emails before they hit their mailbox, but they aren’t always the most reliable form of prevention. They aren’t able to catch them all and most computer experts say you layers of protection are always best.

How do I learn about identifying phishing emails?

Education is always helpful and there are some tell-tale signs in some cases. You can read more about them here. However, even education about spam isn’t always enough. When you imagine that there are thousands of spammers with criminal intentions with the only focus of getting better at their trade, you could spend all your time studying and still not be able to keep up with all their tricks.

But I am a hacker-identifying expert.

Even if you are the spam identifying expert, you still have employees whose recognition of risk may not be as keen as yours. One wrong click and all your business data goes into the wrong hands.

That’s why we suggest tools specifically focused for the task.

We offer options in the anti-spam department that are proven to keep the spam out. We have several options to choose from depending on your requirements. You can call us to talk about what option is best for you and will help you keep your business safe.

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