5 Things to Make Your Move to the Cloud Seamless

5 Things to Make Your Move to the Cloud Seamless

While most business owners know that the cloud of things is the way that the world is moving, there are a lot of horror stories out there that can keep them from moving forward to the cloud. It’s understandable too. It’s better to have others learn the hard lessons first and then benefit off of that knowledge.

Now that the cloud has been around for years and most large businesses or corporations are using it to some degree, we’ve all learned something from their risks. As small businesses in the recent years adopted more cloud solutions, they had different challenges, which we’ve tracked and listed here to help you move forward in a more practical and predictable way.

What to Consider When Making the Move to the Cloud:

Know what you need to do (not necessarily how you do it today)

One thing we find more than any other is a business who is using way too many overlapping tools. This can easily happen as one department needs a tools and then another, and they don’t know they could be using the same tool. Understanding how your people work and the features they need is essential to making a move to the cloud make the most financial and practical sense for your company.

Automate whenever you can

The benefits of the cloud are endless – especially when you use automation whenever and wherever you can. The tools in the cloud are smart and always improving automation. How much time is your company losing on tasks that can easily be automated? Get an assessment with us and let’s talk about it.

Always ask about Security

No matter the tools or the cloud you want to use, the first questions should always be around security. Your business data is the heart of your business — don’t trust that other companies automatically take that into account. Do your homework, ask questions and ensure you have the security your clients deserve.

Ask about cost transparency

One of the biggest struggles businesses have faced with moving to a cloud environment is knowing what it is going to cost you. There are different pricing structures, and variable costs with additional features and data. It can be confusing. Make sure you get really clear on what the cloud tools will cost you so you aren’t surprised down the road.

Don’t recreate the wheel. It is rarely cheaper (or more effective).

It’s tempting to build tools, especially with all the open source program and tools available. One thing we’ve learned — don’t build what you can buy. When you buy something you have experts behind the products to support you, you have previous client experiences to pull from and it’s easier to get additional support. If you build it, you need to find someone who can continue to support it in the future, long after the original architect is gone. There are a ton of tools at great price points. Don’t recreate the wheel if there is no reason.

Those are our biggest challenges when it comes to moving to the cloud. We’ve moved a lot of clients to a more flexible, scalable cloud environment and these five tips have saved them a lot of time, budget and productivity.

Moving to the cloud can be an economical and practical (even necessary) move for most businesses if they know what to look for and what to look out for.

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