3 Biggest IT Problems Solved by Moving to the Cloud

3 Biggest IT Problems Solved by Moving to the Cloud

We’ve talked a lot about how a business can benefit from moving to a cloud environment, however, we’ve never spoken specifically to the problems that cloud solutions resolve for your IT team. While every area of your business can be impacted in positive ways with the move to the cloud, your IT team actually is most impacted – meaning this is as much as service to honoring your in-house IT as it is to help the bottom line and keeping your business running at the speed of business.

Top three IT nightmares solved with the cloud

Task Overflow

There are very few in-house IT teams that have a lack of work to do. In fact, if you ask around, most teams have tasks that they want to get to but have sat on the backburner because it only helps a small amount of people do their job better. However, if you add up all those tasks and the time they could be saving the end user if they were complete, you might find you are leaving a ton of productivity on your IT backburner.

Open up space for your IT team by moving a lot of your tools and systems to the cloud where they can be automatically updated and you’ll prevent a ton of downtime or tasks piling up on the back-burner.

Untaken Holiday & Sick time

Just like the rest of your workers, the IT team deserves a break as well. That can be hard to do if your employees are always in need of IT in case of an emergency. This means many IT specialists feel as though they can’t take off for the time they are offered. We all know that employees perform better when they take time off to heal when they are sick or to enjoy a holiday or vacation. Give your IT team room to breathe by moving your tools and solutions to the cloud. If there’s an emergency, your cloud provider will have the people ready to help while your IT team can relax a little.


Most IT leadership struggle to best define their IT budget. With cloud systems, you usually have a solid monthly or annual cost that is easier to predict since there isn’t a need for extensive hardware. Cloud IT budgets are also focused on the tools and not as much maintenance since the tool is maintained in a cloud by a third party provider. This means you can better predict the amount of IT manpower you need as well. Cloud systems can help you predict your costs more effectively all around.

Give your IT Team a Break.

Talk to us about cloud solutions for your small business and let your hardworking IT team take their time off, be able to offer you a clearer budget and reduce the overload on your team.

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